About Urban Farming Oz

Irrigated Produce

The idea driving urban farming (backyard agriculture) is to bring about sustainability in growing, processing and distributing food. Urban farming:

  • Uses underused land in urban area
  • Builds community spirit and involvement
  • Provides fresh food and fixes transport and food availability problems
  • Encourages environmental conservation and manages resources effectively
  • Saves money
  • Provides food independent of your financial situation
  • Lets us become closer to nature
  • Less negative effects on the well-being of the environment

Growing and processing of food comes back to the backyards of urban farming. Food in excess of demand is sent to local markets, food banks and to feed the homeless. Many organisations exist worldwide to encourage urban farming and the internet has made sharing this information much easier.

A good background education on urban farming is to to learn about permaculture. Permaculture is not just a way to grow food, it is a way of life.