The Bigger Global Picture


Urban farming is one of the ways we are helping resolve global problems. At this point in time, we are living in a world in crisis environmentally, economically and with our resources. Many disbelieve these problems at first and then get overwhelmed. However, we can make a change. We choose to live the way we live, our support groups and politicians, which we can use to make change for good.

This might be a small change, but it’s easy to achieve effectively. At first this site focused on urban farming problems, but we are opening the scope as the topic of urban farming is part of a larger picture of problems. From these bigger picture problems, we felt it’s necessary to start providing resources on global and local problems such as the economy, society and environmental problems.

These days people ignore the hidden costs to the environment of their food consumption choices. There are other effects on society and the economy that go unnoticed.

Low cost and safe to eat food is a problem worldwide. That said, we still see mines and housing placed on vital agricultural land. Where I live, mining is expanding and the problems of fracking might start to appear.

Unfortunately we are seeing changes in the world that will result in future generations having less enjoyment than we did. There will be less diversity in plant and animals and less choices in what we can do for hobbies and work. Animals are mistreated and placed in zoos, but a human can be a front page news story. Climate change and ocean acidification are reducing the biodiversity in our environment. The future is uncertain. On our small farm we have feral animals that kill possums and birds. We also have weeds that were introduced and reduce the output of our farm. We don’t want to use artificial means to fix these problems, but with no native predators, it’s difficult. In our small world we are making a change for the better for a wealthier and sustainable society and want to pass our enjoyment onto others.

Some believe we cannot make change occur as an individual. They are not right, if we change our habits all at once then change does happen. Detroit, once an industrial city now produces much urban food. In Detroit, buildings are being demolished to be replaced with farms. Be your own leader, don’t rely on the government, we can all make a change.